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Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we will be running a special one-off programme recognising acts of kindness and innovation.

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Top tips

Entry Tips


Top Tips to consider before submitting your entry

  • Read the criteria and answer the questions fully- it sounds obvious but many entries fail to do this
  • Submit any supporting materials that are relevant and asked for, so that the judges can have all the information presented to them.
  • Be concise as well as comprehensive. While it’s valuable to provide as much relevant information as possible, your chances of success will be improved if you can make very clear, very quickly, how your entry meets the criteria and what makes it stand out.
  • Be as specific as possible. A statistic that illustrates success will be more powerful than a generic comment.
  • Choose your categories carefully. One or two powerful entries in categories in which you have excelled stand a better chance of success than across the board entries in every category.
  • Remember that the information you provide remains confidential to the judges. You can be confident that information which may be seen as sensitive will not be shared more widely – and such information often provides the best illustration of success.
  • Bridal Buyer Awards is an annual event. Therefore judges want to see what your company has done in the past year that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Answer every question on the entry form but do not exceed the word count.
The Bridal Buyer Awards

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